US Holiday/WG11 Conference – rehearse, seminars, NZ connection, Enfield, Thabite

Day 2 of WorshipGod 11. A full day of 2 general sessions and 2 seminars, as well as dinner with a family with strong NZ connections. Wow, thank you Lord for such an amazing day! Rehearse There was some more comedy from Mark Altrogge in the morning (it seems like a WorshipGod thing for Mark […]

US Holiday/WG11 Conference – sing, meet, glory

Wednesday – Day 1 of WorshipGod 11. Some miscellaneous observations to begin with first: My USA driving skills have improved a bit, praise God! The weirdest thing here would definitely be the stop sign intersections. Instead of roundabouts, everyone has a stop sign in front of them, and whoever gets there first gets to drive […]

US Holiday/WG11 Conference – train, jam, steak

It’s been a real joy to stay with the Giglio family. They’re also hosting two other conference attendees all the way from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales – Fran and Matt Richley (father and son). Matt Richley is a fellow worship leader, and recently completed a 9 month internship at Sovereign Grace Ministries under the mentorship of […]

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