Symbolic play

Wow we have hit a milestone!  I think early too, for once.  Very simple symbolic play… Yesterday morning, E picked up the egg shaker, pretended to take a bite, and continued chewing with her mouth closed for some time.  She said ‘umum’ and signed yummy.  Then fed me, I chewed and said/signed yummy, as well […]

I accidentally the worship song

(W: Recently we’ve sung a few songs that almost went out of their way to be unintelligible. Here’s Cheryl’s thoughts on the fine line between creativity and intelligibility.) Song lyrics are a form of poetry, and poetry should obey grammar, or at a stretch at least poetic grammar. Note that the further you stretch grammar […]

Family matters: pizzas and gospel glue

Saturday On Saturday, had a wonderful day making pizzas with a family from church. I recently helped Cheryl to buy a breadmaker via work’s staff purchasing list (FPH have some sort of deal with Panasonic where we can buy their products for below retail, contact me if you’d like to see their catalogue). The funny thing […]

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