Christianity alone tells us this

“We don’t know the reason that God allows evil and suffering to continue. But we know what the reason isn’t. We know what the reason can’t be. It can’t be that he doesn’t love us. It can’t be that he doesn’t care.” Why? “Because he got involved with his Son. Christianity alone tells us that […]

My seminar at STAND 2013 on hymns

God was kind to allow me the opportunity to present a seminar on hymns during the most recent STAND conference. I previously shared on the STAND website some of the reasons why I did this seminar. If you’re interested in listening to it, here’s thelink to the recording, here are the notes, and here’s the […]

Some reflections on singing together at STAND 2013

  Cheryl and I have just come out of a busy weekend of serving during our home church’s Stand for the Gospel conference. This was the 4th year we helped out (this time around I organised the music ministry and helped plan the general sessions, taught a seminar on hymns, and also helped to get the website and […]

Your primary identity is not worship leader

A great quote from one of the WorshipGod West general sessions. “Your primary identity is not singer, not musician, not leader, not tech guy, it’s not pastor, it’s receiver. Recipient of grace, overwhelmed by undeserved mercy, sought by God the Father Himself. That is your identity.” – Craig Cabaniss, “Faithful to Receive”, 27 June 2013 […]

2 years on, 4 ways WorshipGod conference has helped this worship leader

Two years ago (wow! has it really been that long?), Cheryl and I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly over from New Zealand for a 2 week holiday in the US that included attending the WorshipGod 2011 conference, hosted by Bob Kauflin from Sovereign Grace Ministries. Here’s a summary of what the conference was about: […]

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