“Here the reformation must begin”: leading my family in worshipping Jesus Christ

“So…. what did you guys think of the passage?” There was a bit of an awkward silence. Sitting across the my wife stared at me like I just read from the Qur’an. My daughter squirmed in her high chair. (Did I even understand what I just read? What was the point of that?) I started […]

Footnotes on your lyrics: an easy way to improve your gathered worship

A few months ago I read an interview with Matt Boswell and Michael Bleecker. As a fellow worship leader, one of their answers piqued my interest: Trevin Wax: What are some practical steps you’d recommend for worship leaders who want to incorporate a more Scripture-focused, gospel-centered approach to their ministry? Michael Bleecker: I would begin […]

My seminar at STAND 2013 on hymns

God was kind to allow me the opportunity to present a seminar on hymns during the most recent STAND conference. I previously shared on the STAND website some of the reasons why I did this seminar. If you’re interested in listening to it, here’s thelink to the recording, here are the notes, and here’s the […]

Some reflections on singing together at STAND 2013

  Cheryl and I have just come out of a busy weekend of serving during our home church’s Stand for the Gospel conference. This was the 4th year we helped out (this time around I organised the music ministry and helped plan the general sessions, taught a seminar on hymns, and also helped to get the website and […]

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