Kiss the son? Thoughts on preaching Psalm 2:12

When preparing to preach Psalm 2 recently, I stumbled across a dilemma while translating the Hebrew text. As the psalmist winds down from verses 10-12, there’s a couple of exhortations to the raging kings of the earth. “Be wise; be warned” (v10). “Serve the Lord with fear; rejoice with trembling” (v11). Then in verse 12, […]

Declare your faith for those who are faithless

Earlier today I was listening to a sermon on Psalm 150 this afternoon. About halfway through, Daniel Montgomery made a good point regarding what we’re to do in our gathered worship: And here’s the deal – what you notice in the “what” of praise [referring to who Psalm 150 is directed to], is that it’s […]

Album review: From the River to the Ends of the Earth by Matt Searles

In the morning our family has been reading the Psalms in reverse order (starting from Psalm 150 and going backwards). What an encouragement and refreshment to start the day being reminded to praise the LORD, who “takes pleasure in his people” (Ps 149:4), who is our “refuge/portion in the land of the living” (Ps 142:5), […]

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