“Nachfolge” im Lockdown (Tag 28)

Hier ist ein Frage: wenn Luther sagt: “Sündige tapfer, aber glaube und freue dich in Christo um so tapferer!”, ist das ein Lehre von der billigen Gnade? Bonhoeffer argumentiert heute: “Nein!” Question: when Luther says: “Sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ more boldly!”, is he teaching cheap grace? Today, Bonhoeffer argues: Nein! Previously: […]

Remember His Fatherly love

There are two kinds of relationships in the world: transactional, and covenant. Here’s some examples of transactional relationships: I give you a burger because you gave me some moneyI’ll do work for you because you give me a salary or a feeI subscribe to my favourite Youtuber because they offer regular content that I like […]

Textual issues in the “chorus” of Psalm 42-43

While preparing for a sermon on Psalm 42 recently, I stumbled across an odd text-critical issue. Most commentators point out the presence of a repeated refrain/chorus in verses 5 and 11, which also appears in Psalm 43:5. In several English translations, these are rendered identically, e.g. ESV: “5 Why are you cast down, O my […]

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