On Sunday afternoon we had an end-of-year get-together/BBQ with many of  our home church‘s music, sound and multimedia servants, along with their families. It was a good group of about 40+ people, and a great time of fellowship and celebrating how faithful God has been to HBC over the year gone by.

I shared with everyone one aspect about the HBC worship ministry this year that’s particularly struck me. Although much of the worship ministry is public/corporate in nature, there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes that most of the church family won’t typically see. Throughout the year, some of the most touching examples of faithful, joyous service to the Lord have been the less obvious ones. I’m referring to the quiet workers that contribute immensely to the worship ministry (and some aren’t even listed on the roster).

For example:

  • there’s the musician that makes every single practice, and sings so heartily because they can’t do so for the rest of the week when they’re with their unbelieving family
  • there’s the mum who tirelessly chauffeurs her son or daughter so they can make the 8:30 early morning rehearsals
  • there’s the singer that records a difficult alto part, then sends it to her sister-in-Christ to help her practise it for the Sunday service
  • there’s the camera and projector operators that serve joyfully, even though it sometimes hurts their eyes to squint at the screen over long periods of time
  • there’s the guy who pulls up straight from a 12 hour work day to set up the sound gear, and patiently waits till the end to pack it down again
  • there’s the wife or husband who manages the home and the children lovingly, and waits patiently for their spouse to return from a late practice
  • there’s the folk that meet upstairs each Sunday morning before each service, to pray and intercede to God, and ask Him to enable each person serving that morning

For time would fail me to tell of many other examples of quiet, faithful ministry. And I’m sure you have members like these in your church too.  One of the things I love about being part of the worship ministry is that, as members of the worship team, we’re uniquely blessed with the opportunity not just to sing praises to God and encourage others to do so, but also to minister to each other as brothers and sisters struggling along the same narrow road.

My hope is that all these “unsung heroes” will be lavishly rewarded for their service unto the Lord when he comes again to rule and to reign. But I’m so grateful that, for now, He’s left a whole bunch of humble and faithful servants here at HBC.

Can you think of any other examples of “unsung heroes” in your church?


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  1. haha didn’t think of that when i wrote it. Sounds like something Kat would come up with huh 😛

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