On November 10 last year I had a go at cycling to work for the first time. Colleagues that saw me on the road later said: “You looked really exhausted!”

Since then by God’s grace  I’ve cycled to work over half the time now, to the point where our car only needs a half-tank of fuel every month. I’ve spent over 120 hours and tracked over 2400km on the roads and pathways around Auckland (and even Taipei for two weeks). According to my Runkeeper stats I’ve burned 64,000 calories over this time (that’s 177 Cheeseburgers’ worth – though I’m sure I have eaten that much extra in return!).

Only a year ago I would never have considered riding a bike to be enjoyable in the slightest.

It’s been a family affair too, with E tagging along for several rides and Cheryl learning how to ride a bike herself. Maybe in a years’ time we’ll be one of those strange families that go out cycling for fun!

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Some cycling highlights for me personally:

  • Going along the riverside in Taipei with E on my back one Monday morning. It was just so peaceful and relaxing that several times I stopped to admire the views and praise God for such kindness. It really was a Psalm 95:4 moment.
  • Cycling expeditions with Christian. He has long legs so I struggle to keep up with him! But these 20+ km routes have been a lot of fun and am keen to do more. While we’re cycling it’s a great time to chat and catch up on life as well, spurring each other on to pedal harder for Christ (in more ways than one!).


  • The times where I’ve left work for home, only for it to pour down extremely intensely! Was totally soaked but still fun.
  • My mindset has changed so that now I’m itching to go out on my bike when I haven’t been able to cycle for too long a time. Perhaps it’s the whole exercise producing endorphins thing, I’m not sure.
  • Also, when I’m on my bike it’s one of the rare times that I find myself not staring at a screen. In today’s 24-7, always-wired culture, to be able to actually hear yourself think is a real treat!


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