Proclaim church presentation software (via Musicademy)

Recently saw this online:  Proclaim Church Presentation Software announced today. In their own words: What happens when the pastor has images to input into the church presentation, the worship leader has new songs to add, and another member of the ministry team has a video to play during service — and it all is coming …

Reflections on leading worship at STAND2010

In my previous post I put up the music set list for STAND 2010, a bible conference we hosted at HBC. This was the first time I had been tasked with organising all the music for an event of this size. I’m certain that God really used it as an opportunity to teach all our …

Practical art

Most churches with their own building (and some without) will have at least heard of Easyworship, and possibly have it, or an equivalent method for dynamically generating worship lyrics to play on a screen for Sunday services.

Whatever version we have – i don’t think it’s the latest – it’s pretty useful. Husband is a worship leader, so I usually worm my way into messing with the layout. But one thing I have found is that the background interface is a bit difficult to use, involving some 200+ images and a very small scrolling selection that returns to the top whenever when you click something. Another concern is that many of the default images are either fairly generic (lots of mountains, clouds, waves and sunsets) or make the text illegible. The latter is usually due to one or more of the following: extreme contrast, overly interesting subject matter, or dappled colouring that, to an elderly eye, apparently imitates text.

I think I would like to find the folder and replace the 200+ images with maybe 20 or 30 really useful backgrounds – no extreme contrast, no overly interesting subject matter, and no dappled colouring that imitates text. I hope that my idea is not too focused on the art, and that I will actually be helping out the worship team where they really need it.

In the meantime, no worship for me in May. Apparently, I’ll be in Sunday School…

#ChristosKurios means :iconchristoskurios: They are a new Christian group focused on God’s Kingship and the cross of Christ. They have reformed roots but are open to all Bible-centred deviants.

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