Super searchable Census 2013 results for Auckland

This is a really neat web tool that Auckland Council have released: This website helps you to easily find census information specifically for Auckland. It provides interactive mapping, graphing and data export functions. You can build your own graphs and tables by selecting a data category or the relevant area on the map. Information, where […]


This morning we read a beautiful prayer from Arthur Bennett’s Valley of Vision, simply titled: Choices. The full prayer is here, but here’s some excerpts: Help me to place myself always under thy guiding and guardian care, to take firmer hold of the sure covenant that binds me to thee, to feel more of the purifying, […]

Love exemplified and love defined Love exemplified No human marriage captures love perfectly, but I think this wonderful story of Ian and Larissa (on and the UK’s Daily Mail) comes close.   The judge that allowed the marriage remarked: “You two exemplify what love is all about. I believe that marriage will not only benefit you both but our […]

Do you skip the genealogies in your Bible?

Let’s be honest. If you’ve ever paced through a Bible reading plan, I’m sure you’ve been tempted to skip the genealogies. The listing of name after name, struggles with pronunciation, pondering whether having it in family tree diagram form would make a difference, and then getting to the end of the passage and feeling like it […]

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