Birdwatching and the freedom of self-forgetfulness

As the hatchback hurtled towards the airport, I asked a most unnatural question to the man in the front passenger seat: “So are you a birdwatcher?” A few people know me well enough to be able to see and point out a specific way that my proud heart shows itself. When talking with people, I have […]

Age, race and the local church: “Why shouldn’t I stay and build?”

Dan Phillips has really good thoughts in his post asking the hard questions about whether our local church reflects the entire age range. Some good challenging insights for those my age prone to wander and church-hop, those who immediately question whether a church is dying if you’re sitting among mostly white-haired saints. For example: “…a […]

Dressed for the banquet hall: what I wear on Sundays and why

I became a Christian in 2003. I learned fairly quickly that, outside what’s believed and gleaned from the Bible, being a Christian included taking on lots of unwritten mannerisms, behaviours and cultural markers. Some I’m sure are derived out of an application of Biblical principles, such as saying grace before a meal (giving thanks in […]

Would we not give earth’s fairest toys away?

Some words to pause amid life’s fleeting pursuits,and reflect beyond the grave. Sometimes amid the hurry, toil and strife, The claims, the urgencies, the whirl of life; The soul, perhaps in silence of the night — Has flashes — transient intervals of light. When things to come, without a shade of doubt. In terrible reality […]

6 helpful principles of communication

This morning I asked Joe, one of our pastors, a question about how to disagree and critique each other in the right spirit of truth and love (in an online blogging context). He replied with the following six principles of biblical communication: Do I have the facts right? Prov. 18:13 Is this significant enough to talk […]

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