Web curations (19 Apr)

Boston Marathon Bombing 2013


The template of disaster journalism – Jack Shafer from Reuters sums up the template that news editors use to cover catastrophes, and argues it leads to a “sameness” of what we hear on the news.

Objecting to video preaching – Christopher Ash makes some worthwhile objections to the shift to regular preaching through video link. The quote about most of these churches having live music but not live preaching is striking. But I don’t think I would go as far as to say it is unwise in general unless it’s worked out prayerfully for the context (for example, even in single-site large church, one pastor might be mainly responsible for preaching, and others for pastoral care).


Co-parenting and the church – You no longer need to be a male and female promising to be faithful to each other to be married and go down the track of raising a child. And perhaps in future, you won’t need to even like someone to have a child. Helen Thorne explains the trend of “co-parenting” happening in the UK, and how churches should respond.


At the end of yesterday’s post, I shared a bunch of reactions to NZ’s passing of the same-sex marriage bill. Here’s the list again:

Everything’s Different. Nothing’s Changed – Joe Fleener

“The definitions of terms can change over time, but when something has been instituted by God its meaning cannot be altered regardless of what politicians, cultures, or even dictionaries say. Marriage is still and will always be an institution designed by God for the lifelong, covenantal  commitment between one man and one woman for His glory in order to picture the love Christ has for His church.”

One giant leap for equality?  – Pete Collier

“The sexual revolution and the legislation which it has spawned (like the Marriage Amendment Bill) are different to the other three freedom movements that have occurred in Western society in one crucial way at least. Each of the other three freedom movements had Bible-believing Christians at the forefront of championing them.”

Marriage equality  (an apologetic) – Rhett Snell

“I write all this with a slight sense of despair. I am aware that if you see this is a civil rights issue (and most do) you probably see me as a bigot asking you to understand my bigotry. I know how this reads in New Zealand society and it makes me grind my teeth.

All I can do is to say that if you truly get Jesus, there can be no room at all for any sense of superiority.”

What I Would Have Said  – Geoff Robson

“…I commit myself to treating you and your communities with love and respect, even as I oppose this bill.”