Birdwatching and the freedom of self-forgetfulness

As the hatchback hurtled towards the airport, I asked a most unnatural question to the man in the front passenger seat: “So are you a birdwatcher?” A few people know me well enough to be able to see and point out a specific way that my proud heart shows itself. When talking with people, I have […]

Half-year update on us trying to read more books

It was sometime towards the end of last year that I realised that, in comparison to the hundreds of articles, blog posts and Facebook updates that I skim through on a daily basis, I wasn’t really doing very well with old-fashioned book reading. So this year we’ve tried to build it into our family routines more. When […]

Super searchable Census 2013 results for Auckland

This is a really neat web tool that Auckland Council have released: This website helps you to easily find census information specifically for Auckland. It provides interactive mapping, graphing and data export functions. You can build your own graphs and tables by selecting a data category or the relevant area on the map. Information, where […]


This morning we read a beautiful prayer from Arthur Bennett’s Valley of Vision, simply titled: Choices. The full prayer is here, but here’s some excerpts: Help me to place myself always under thy guiding and guardian care, to take firmer hold of the sure covenant that binds me to thee, to feel more of the purifying, […]

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