Lockdown thoughts from Job 3:11-26

Day #7 in the Hebrew text of Job (this chapter had 79 rare words!) Previously: Job 1:1-5 | Job 1:6-12 | Job 1:13-22 Job 2:1-6 | Job 2:7-13 | Job 3:1-10 11 Why did I not die from the womb, depart from the belly and perish?12 Why did the knees receive me? And why breasts that I should suckle? 13 For now I lie […]

Lockdown thoughts from Job 3:1-10

Day 6 of #nzlockdown. We’re going through Job as fast as my rusty Hebrew takes us. Previously: Job 1:1-5 | Job 1:6-12 | Job 1:13-22 | Job 2:1-6 | Job 2:7-13 | 3:1-2 After this, Job opened his mouth, and he cursed his day.2 And Job answered, saying:3 “May it perish – The day I was born. And the night [that] said: […]

Lockdown thoughts from Job 2:7-13

Day 5 in Job, sitting in this riddling but relevant part of Wisdom Literature together. Previously: Job 1:1-5 | Job 1:6-12 | Job 1:13-22 | Job 2:1-6 2:7 So the adversary departed from the presence of Yahweh,and he struck Job with evil ulcers from the sole of his foot up to his crown.2:8 And he took pottery to scrape himself, […]

Lockdown thoughts from Job 2:1-6

Day 4 in Job. Sorry it’s late. Happy Lord’s Day everyone. Previously: Job 1:1-5 | Job 1:6-12 | Job 1:13-22 2:1 Now there was a day,When the sons of God came to present themselves before Yahweh. And the adversary also came in their midst to present himself before Yahweh. We’re back in the heavenly court. Notice that the […]

Lockdown thoughts from Job 1:13-22

Using Day 3 of our nationwide lockdown to lock down some rusty Hebrew. A rough translation and thoughts on the way. Some of it will be familiar to friends who have journeyed through Kirk Patston’s classes. Previously: Job 1:1-5 | Job 1:6-12 1:13-15 Now there was a day,When his sons and daughters [were] eating and […]

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