Why we don’t believe sin provokes the wrath of God

In Chapter 4 of The Cross of Christ, The Problem of Forgiveness, John Stott identifies five vivid metaphors used in Scripture to illustrate that sin cannot approach God, and God cannot tolerate sin: height (Psalm 7:17), distance (Josh 3:4), light (1 John 1:5), fire (Heb 12:29), and vomiting (Rev 3:16). He continues, “[these] all say […]

Worshipping a crucified man?

Christians are often openly mocked for ascribing honour and worth to Jesus Christ. To skeptics and enemies of Christianity, it seems an absurd idea to worship a Jewish carpenter whose greatest accomplishment (humanly speaking) was to incite a riot and get himself executed. Yet John Stott points out that this derision is not new: “…Whether […]

The ear, an engineering marvel

At work this week, I’ve been tasked with diagramming and labelling the anatomy of the ear for an educational project. Not only is it an important organ to have as a worship leader, it’s an amazingly crafted structure of our bodies, and fascinating to study as part of my work. The way each component works […]

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