US Holiday/WG11 Conference – sing, meet, glory

Wednesday – Day 1 of WorshipGod 11. Some miscellaneous observations to begin with first: My USA driving skills have improved a bit, praise God! The weirdest thing here would definitely be the stop sign intersections. Instead of roundabouts, everyone has a stop sign in front of them, and whoever gets there first gets to drive […]

US Holiday/WG11 Conference – train, jam, steak

It’s been a real joy to stay with the Giglio family. They’re also hosting two other conference attendees all the way from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales – Fran and Matt Richley (father and son). Matt Richley is a fellow worship leader, and recently completed a 9 month internship at Sovereign Grace Ministries under the mentorship of […]

US Holiday/WG11 Conference – fly, land, drive

Reflections on our trip so far – exhausting and exhilarating! And the conference hasn’t even started yet! Fly Flying in basically seemed like an extra long day (since we crossed the dateline)… it’s the furthest from home both of us have ever been. We flew on Virgin Airways, which was the cheapest option. It also […]

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