Web curations – church stuff (8 Mar)

Clips on church life and ministry:

Genesis infographic by Josh Byers
Genesis infographic by Josh Byers

Infographics for the whole bible  – This is pretty neat. Josh Byers combines biblical theology and great graphic design in his new project to create an infographic for every book of the Bible. Already the ones for Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and a Revelation end-times summary  look fantastic.

Stop preaching on giving – Tim Thornborough on how to deal with “donor fatigue” in church giving – preach on generosity instead of giving.

Another moral effect of pornography – Al Mohler summarises new research showing that users of pornography tend to be more permissive and supportive of same-sex marriage.


Free music highlight:

Hymns Page CXVI

Page CXVI Hymns – These aren’t really for congregational use, but are thoughtful interpretations by a group of musicians from the coming generation. Over 70 tracks, free to download for the month of March as part of a Jubilee celebration. You have to submit your contact details but other than that it’s free.