Web Curations (5 Apr)


Basic facts about the books in the New Testament – Helpful to refer to, since the reliability of the Bible and what’s in it today is commonly the question posed by skeptics.

The atheist’s dilemma – Jordan Monge shares how she gradually turned from skeptic to a follower of Jesus. I’m encouraged that while she did see the intellectual inconsistency of atheism (e.g. believing in right and wrong as objective, universal categories with no reference point), it was her reading the Bible and being confronted with her sin and the Cross that softened her heart.

Easter Built on Evidence Isn’t Enough – In a similar vein, Joe Fleener points out that convincing others about the historicity of Jesus’s bodily resurrection isn’t enough – evidences alone can’t led to a genuine change of heart.


4 Things to Remember During Unwelcome Work  – Trevin Wax gives some helpful advice for those of us in difficult, frustating vocations.

Stand for the Gospel 2013 speakers – This weekend conference (hosted by HBC) is going to have a good variety of seminar topics. I’m planning to lead one of them on hymns for the next generation, but probably most interested in what Thabiti Anyabwile has to share about evangelism across different religions.

A dramatic weight loss story – This Seven Sharp clip is so encouraging to watch. Cliff Wadsworth is Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church, and friends with some of the HBC family.